Taking it in Stride

If there’s one thing that I have learned through my journey to become a yoga instructor, it’s that you need to step out of your comfort. Specifically, I need to step out of my comfort zone. If you always stay where you are, you’ll never go anywhere new…

That said, I’ve taken a running start out of my comfort zone this month. Rather than training for the Louisville Triple Crown by myself, I am co-leading a training group with a friend and fellow teacher at 502 Power Yoga.

I know there are benefits to running with a friend; I once ran with a friend who was on the track team at Butler, and he helped make 10 miles fly by…almost literally, because he had us go out at a blazing speed. He made the time pass by talking, while I huffed out a, “Cool!” every once in a while. He helped me run my fastest time for that distance to date, and I got to know him even better. Yet, I’ve always preferred training on my own. I like following my own training plan, running my own paces, and having some solitude to myself. I do enjoy running with Nick, but I think that is because we are so in tune with one another anyway.

So leading a running group, let alone being a part of one, is a big step outside of my comfort zone. The hyper-competitive, needs-to-be-in-control me is giving way to the collaborative me. The me that will ask for help when she needs it, and who is willing to run with others to help meet mutual goals.

I outlined our group as such; to be one of encouragement, community, and fun.

This morning we had our first group run of three miles, and it was a success. Out of the 30+ people who have emailed me to be a part of the group, a handful showed up (which to be honest was alright with me for my first day at the task!) but many more have promised to show up in the coming weeks. I’m looking forward to running further, faster, and stronger with this bunch, while getting to know them better.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 6.04.20 PM
Courtesy of the 502 Power Yoga Instagram

Thanks to Jen for sharing tips on how to organize group runs! She is pretty bad ass and I love reading up on her training.

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