My first exposure to yoga was in a high school P.E. class, which wasn’t probably the most complete experience, but it certainly piqued my interested. Every once in a while throughout high school, I’d do some Cat & Cow stretches, Downward Facing Dog, and Tree pose in my basement. In college, Butler’s Health & Recreation Center offered yoga classes, which I began to infrequently attend with my roommate. By my senior year, I wanted to find an exercise that complemented my running, and as I had a whole summer to kill on campus, I began to regularly attend a Hatha yoga class. Unfortunately, when I graduated, the free yoga ended, and I largely lost my practice for a year. In February of 2014, I was introduced to Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga and 502 Power Yoga. You can read about the beginning of my journey here. You can keep up with my yoga adventures here on the blog, and on my Instagram.


I teach within the methodology of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. In each class students are invited to step up to their edge, allowing them to build physical strength and stamina, as well as mental focus. Individuals are empowered through this practice, both on and off their mats. This type of yoga can be taught to students of all levels.

What I love most about Baptiste yoga is its focus on community and contribution. I love using yoga as a form of outreach in the Louisville community. It is my dream to bring yoga to underprivileged children and young adults, especially those that I have a relationship with in Honduras.

Teacher Training

2014: RYT-200 at 502 Power Yoga, Louisville, KY

Workshops and Additional Training

August 2014: Hands on Assisting

October-November 2014: Mentorship Program

December 2014: Bend Over Backwards in the Bow Spring Method

April 2015: Arm Balance Workshop

October 2015: Backbend Workshop

October 2015: Face Your Fears

*All of these training sessions have been completed at 502 Power Yoga unless otherwise noted

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