Triple Crown: Anthem 5K

This past Saturday I ran the first leg of the Louisville Triple Crown (of running), and the first race that I’ve run in the state of Kentucky.

I started the new year with these races in mind. I’ve set my own training schedule, which includes one day of speed work and one group long run each week. Since these races of different distances are over the course of six weeks, I’ve been mixing in workouts of all different types.

We were lucky that we got to toe the line on Saturday, as far as I’m concerned. We had the worst snow storm in a long while earlier in the week, but the city did a great job clearing the race route. It was about 5 degrees below freezing at start time, and despite two pairs of socks, I couldn’t feel my feet for the first mile and a half.

Run & done!
Run & done!

Needless to say, it wasn’t the most enjoyable race I have run, but it was a good start to the series! I didn’t nab a new PR, but I came closer than I have in a couple years. I actually went home later that day and signed up for the 5K at the Mill Race, to get a second chance this year. Nick and I also treated ourselves to a veggie sushi feast later that day.

All the ginger & wasabi for me!

Up next: the 10K!

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