Like my last recap, less words, more photos.

Nick and I were both excited to visit Charleston, as neither of us had ever been before. It took us about four hours to drive from Asheville, and as we drove along, we saw the land flatten out. Welcome to lowcountry. Our first stop was lunch at the Lost Dog Cafe, which became our go-to place for the rest of the trip. After that we settled into our Airbnb on James Island before heading to the beach. The water was as warm as bath water, and I kept riding the waves. In the evening we cleaned up, walked around downtown, and enjoyed Jeni’s ice cream.

Welcome to paradise, courtesy of Lost Dog Cafe
The ocean refreshes my soul

On our second day, we woke up and went for a run that felt more like swimming because the air was so humid. We headed to the beach to cool off slightly in the water, all the while watching the dark storm clouds out over the ocean. We took a break for another lunch at Lost Dog, before heading back to be beach bums a bit more. In the evening we drove to explore the other islands around Charleston. Once back in town, we had dinner at Slightly North of Broad (aka SNOB), as recommended by my mom. Before retiring, we strolled along the waterfront.

Clouds looming out who knows how many miles away
When the waves were too big to go in
Beach bum in training
A view on our evening stroll

We kicked off our last day in Charleston with another run, this time on the beach. We then rented a tandem kayak, which we took out on Folly Creek. It was a hot morning, but it was worth it to see some dolphins coming in as the tide went out. We had one last lunch at Lost Dog. In the afternoon and evening, we walked around downtown and Folly Beach some more. It was a great ending to our first visit to this southern city.

Even darker than the day before
Like trail running, but flatter
Kayaking on Folly Creek
We bought this from a boy downtown




3 thoughts on “Charleston

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed your time in Charleston. The Lost Dog Cafe was a favorite from my trip too. There are so many beautiful beaches all around the city of Charleston.

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