Asheville + Blue Ridge Mountains

Less words, more photos.

Nick and I spent a few days in Asheville after the Charlie’s Bunion incident. Right away, we drove to Mt. Pisgah to hike up to Sam Knob’s summit. It was another gorgeous panorama. While enjoying the view, a family who was picnicking (what a great idea!) suggested we also head down to Flat Laurel Creek. It was a short and very rewarding hike. I brought my swimsuit and sat in the ice cold water as long as I could. For dinner, we headed downtown and ate at Laughing Seed Cafe, because we loved it so much the year before. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep really early that night.

View of Sam Knob from the meadow
Checking out the view, even before the summit
Peace, love & mountains
View from the top
I was so excited by this mountain stream

On our second day, we wanted to go back to the North Carolina Arboretum (again, we had loved it the year before.) Here we did a lot of easy hiking around the trails. There was a close call with a copperhead, but otherwise we had a great morning. We enjoyed a late lunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe downtown, and took some time to rest. On a whim, we decided to head over to Mount Mitchell to hike that summit trail. It took us 75 minutes to climb (and I mean climb) two miles and almost 1000 feet. While out, it started drizzling, making the rocks very slippery. It almost wasn’t worth it until we got to the top of the highest peak east of the Mississippi. Satisfied, we celebrated a 15 mile day with ice cream from French Broad once back in Asheville.

Lake Powhatan
We later found out the locals call this copperhead alley
Isn’t he handsome?
Looking back from Hallback, which we had to cover before Mitchell
Luckily the rain cleared as we reached the summit




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