Friday Five

1 We are just one week (!!!) from our road trip and I am so excited. I’m having trouble falling asleep at night because I can’t stop thinking about everything we want to do. Until then…who has vegetarian-friendly restaurant recommendations for Knoxville and/or Charleston?

2 We’ve got a heat wave coming through (here and almost everywhere else, I think) and these Kombucha Margaritas sounds pretty refreshing right about now.

3 Yesterday I was feeling the heat after my run, so I decided to wade into Floyd’s Fork. While there, a man came up with his dog and we started chatting. He asked if I wanted my picture taken (he saw my phone lying with my shoes, I guess) and at first I said no thank you, but then I decided I wanted a picture with his dog, Alba. I am weird. The best part? It’s not even his dog, he’s just dog-sitting her for a month.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

4 “…nearly everywhere here in the United States, we have incredible public lands that can deliver experiences on par with those in far-away locations that cost a fortune to get to. And you can walk out your door and have those experiences every day.” Read about the bro-ification of outdoor recreation here.

5 This just in: Lauren Fleshman is retiring from professional running. I admire her for being an advocate for clean sport and for women in sports, for being an entrepreneur, and for making a tough decision. She wrote about it on her blog.

Happy Friday!


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