Friday Five

1 It’s Forecastle week here in Louisville, which isn’t as crazy as Derby season, but it’s probably second. I’m really looking forward to attending Forecastle as my first music festival, but Forecastle is about more than just music. I think founder JK McKnight’s Creative Mornings talk does a great job of explaining.

2 One of the events that I attended leading up to Forecastle was a free yoga class (with an awesome DJ) held at Galaxie. I’d never been here before, although its in the heart of one of my favorite neighborhoods, but it’s been on my list. The specialty bourbon cocktail they served along with their food was incredible, and I will definitely be back.


3 I got my nose pierced last Friday after years of talking about it and not doing it. It didn’t really hurt, and the healing process has moved along nicely. I would definitely recommend Twisted Images here in Louisville for their high standards of cleanliness and for their service.


4 Running with the local theme, last week I was at 21c Museum Hotel for an event, and was blown away by this exhibit. Al Farrow has crafted old gun parts into intricate sculptures. The photos on the website don’t do it justice.

5 Lastly, breaking with the local theme, take a look at this gorgeous home in Oregon. How fun would it be to jump from your deck into a pond?


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