Friday Five

1 In the realm of personal accomplishments, I finally completed not just one but two V2 problems while climbing with Nick on Wednesday evening. Steadily, progress is being made.

2 This week I loved these tips for taking the stress out of cooking healthy meals at home. Lately I’ve found myself cycling through a few go-to recipes, including the one I shared in the comments on this post: quinoa with parsley and hemp seeds. Hummus + veggie wraps have also become a staple in our rotation.

3 Even though summer just officially began, it’s been hot around here for a while. Thank goodness for Popsicle Week and all the delicious recipes it produces. A few I’m eyeing from this list are the Kahlua Coconut Cream Affogato and the Kiwi Coconut (obviously I have a thing for coconut!)

4 My favorite new shop in town is Forage, where I picked up a new succulent last weekend. I brought in my bowl from my previous plant, and they planted the new succulent for me! I’m biding my time until they get hanging cacti in…

5 Finally, Brexit. I have a lot of thoughts about what’s happening, but since I don’t intend to get too political, I’ll leave it with this simple observation: it’s now confirmed which part of my heritage I get my occasional “I can do it myself” attitude from.

London, 2009
London, 2009


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