Friday Five

1 I cannot stop laughing at this kid that gave his 8th grade graduation speech through impersonations of the presidential candidates. Bonus points for the story coming out of suburban Chicago.

2 Self-care was a brand new concept to me a couple years ago, but now I know what my life was missing: compassion and kindness for myself, rather than constantly hustling and pushing myself. Here’s a fun list of one of my favorite blogger’s self-care practices.

3 Yesterday was hot as can be in the Ohio River Valley, and so I decided to walk up a creek while hiking with my friends. I could have also used some grilled peaches over ice cream. My mouth is watering imaging the warm peaches melting into the ice cream…yummmm…

4 After the above mentioned hike, I ate with my friends at Taco Luchador, a restaurant in my neighborhood that I had walked past many times, but had never eaten at. I ordered the veggie torta, and let me tell you, this is what dreams are made of. Sandwiched between two thick slices of bread are corn-roasted poblano, grilled onions, sweet plantains, black beans, avocado, cheese, crema, and pickled jalapenos. It was so huge I only ate half, and I am always in the clean plate club!

5 Some (electronic) vibes to take you into the weekend.

Messy hair, don’t care


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