May 2016

For this month’s wrap up, I’m linking up with Gretchen and Kristen to talk about “What’s New With You?”

Traveled: To Nashville for a weekend early in the month. We also made a day trip to explore Red River Gorge.

Read: Fates and Furies, When We Were Orphans, Perfectly Imperfect, The Tipping Point, Outliers

Ran: 50 miles, my lowest mileage month in a long time. I did, however, run one race, the Throo the Zoo 5K. This month I’ve been exercising intuitively, and I feel fantastic in body and mind. It’s just what I needed right now.

Hiked: A lot this month, as the weather improved. Along with RRG, Nick and I checked out Knobstone Trail. I also did a few hikes with friends around town. I’m fully living into this year’s intention!

Taught: Just a few yoga classes, as things are winding down for the summer. I’m appreciating the ebb and flow my teaching has taken on.

Climbed: A few times a week and I’m improving. Nick also got hooked on bouldering this month.

Facilitated: Another ice-breaker for Connecting Things Louisville. This month’s event was held at Cherokee Park, so I led the group in a game that I often play in my kids’ yoga classes called “All My Neighbors” and we adults had a blast!

Enjoyed: This blog post about exercising intuitively, this NYT article about film-maker/professional athlete Alexi Pappas, and this tongue-in-cheek advice on how to win at Instagram yoga.

Drooled over: (Get ready…so many things!) This Mexican brunch salad, this baba ghanoush hummus, this vegan peanut butter cup cookie for one, these ice cream almond butter cookie sandwiches, and this vegan chocolate ice cream.

Purchased: These super-comfy and very cute shorts in Jade, and this chalk bag for climbing in Mystic, both from PrAna. I also ordered the Free Spirit tank from lululemon and got the last Black one in my size in the country. Thank goodness my best friends work for lululemon!

Soaking up some sun in Nashville


6 thoughts on “May 2016

  1. baba ghanoush hummus?! sounds amazing. what did you think of fates and furies? i’ve heard conflicting things, but have not read it.

    1. Even though I had heard some negative reviews of Fates and Furies from people I know, I read it and actually enjoyed it. There was something about it that made it hard to put down!

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