Friday Five

1 I was like a kid on Christmas when the copy of Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking arrived in my mail box. I’ve already made several recipes – southwest sweet potato black bean dip, roasted chickpea tabbouleh salad, cashew soba noodle salad, and vegan nachos – and all have been amazing, and simple. I think Nick’s favorite are the pizza burgers, as he’s already asked me to repeat them, which I gladly did.

2 Just like last weekend, we’ve got some hiking plans for this holiday weekend. Make sure you’ve packed lots of water and snacks. Oh, and here’s an outdoor gear review from GretchRuns.

Hiking with friends

3 Are you looking for some last minute recipes to bring to a Memorial Day Weekend party? How about this vegan-friendly sweet potato salad, or these strawberry rhubarb crumble bars?

4 I indulged in a jar of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter when I had a discount code from Vitacost. Oh, wow, is it good! It’s just like Nutella, but with less sugar. I’ve been eating it with a spoon, but I also took the time to melt it and drizzle it over some waffles and sliced banana the other day.

5 One of my yoga students shared her Sunday routine with me; it involves taking some time alone, spending time outside, eating at a local restaurant, engaging in something spiritual, learning something new, and a yoga practice. That sounds pretty wonderful to me.

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