Friday Five

1 Nick came climbing with me at Climb Nulu for the first time this past week and he’s hooked! I loved watching him climb because with his long limbs, he went about problems in a different way that I had on the same routes. As for me, I finally conquered a route that was a whole lotta upper body that I’d been working on for a while and I’m proud of myself.


2 Earlier this month James Danko, the president of my alma mater, Butler University, wrote a column for USA Today about what commencement speakers should be emphasizing to graduates. He writes, “Leading with civility and respect, embracing vulnerability, and learning from failure is what genuine success is all about. That requires humility.” Yes! Bonus: he mentions John Green’s 2013 commencement speech, which I was lucky enough to be present for.

3 Last week Nick and I sold a lot of books at Half Price Books, so we decided to take ourselves out to a nice dinner at Mayan Cafe. This was our second time there (we went for the first time to celebrate our wedding anniversary) and the food was just as amazing. I love that the cuisine incorporates traditional Mayan elements, but with some twists, like asparagus on the salbutes. Definitely order the sikil-pak, a creamy and spicy pumpkin seed dip that is out of this world, and the tok-sel lima beans!

4 I’m currently working on a post about being an extrovert + yoga instructor, but until it’s ready, here’s a funny video from Buzzfeed: 7 Problems Every Extrovert Understands.

5 How great does this patio look? One of the aspects I’m looking forward to most about having a house someday is having a fantastic outdoor space.


2 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I’ve been really wanting to try climbing! Congrats on conquering your new route. Also, that pumpkin seed dip sounds amazing.

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