Taking a Break From Training

Before I even made it to the start line of my recent half marathon, I was already gearing up for my next half marathon. I had picked out which race, and had settled on a training plan. I wrote it all down in my journal and was ready to get down to business.


Then, I started looking at my calendar. I saw those long runs scheduled on weekends that I might otherwise have gone on hiking trips. I remembered those times that my friends had texted me to go do a workout with them, but I declined because I had speed work on tap or it was my rest day. I reflected on the muscular imbalances that have stayed with me over the past few years that have affected not just my running, but all my physical pursuits.

I decided I don’t want or need to jump right back into half marathon training.

By the time I crossed the finish line, I was looking forward to a physical and mental break. I took a couple days to completely rest, and then continued to take the remainder of the week off from running. I found that I really enjoyed waking up, seeing how my body felt, and then deciding how I wanted to move it each day. A couple days I practiced yoga. A few other days I chose to climb. One day I opted for a leisurely hike with Nick because we both had the day off and it was lovely outside.


A week later, Nick and I went for a trail run while in Nashville (more on that soon) and I reignited my passion for running. I feel free and powerful when I run, and even though this run was challenging, it made me hungry for more. So, I am still planning to do a trail half marathon later in the fall; I won’t, however, be training for a road PR this September.

I need a mental and physical break from the rigidity that concentrated training demands. I’m already enjoying running as much and as often as I like, while being free to jump at opportunities to attend a yoga workshop, try out a new fitness class, or spontaneously pick up and go hiking on the weekend.

Tell me, have you ever felt burnt out from an activity, whether it be an exercise routine or other pursuit? What did you do to feel rejuvenated?

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