Friday Five

1 Thunder Over Louisville is this weekend, one of the world’s biggest fireworks displays that kicks off Kentucky Derby Festival season. We went two years ago, but missed it last year to attend a wedding. This year we’re planning to meet some friends who are traveling from out of town for lunch, but other than that, plans are up in the air (no pun intended.) As spectacular as it is, it’s not a ton of fun to camp out all day for good seats.

Thunder Over Louisville, 2014
Thunder Over Louisville also features an air show

2 I was out running some errands with a friend on Thursday afternoon when I heard on the radio that Prince had passed away. As controversial as he could be, we’re now saying goodbye to a major icon of pop culture.

3 I listen to a lot of public radio, and one of the major topics of discussion this week is the change to the $20 bill. It sounds like Harriet Tubman is going bump Andrew Jackson onto the back of the bill. While I’m happy that a woman is gaining recognition in this way, does it really do much to advance women’s rights? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

4 Trader Joe’s was sampling their lemon curd the other day, and I get very nostalgic with its scent. It reminds me of my first trip to the American Girl Place (before it moved to Water Tower Place!) when I took my doll to tea for my birthday, and they had doll-sized foods like mini grilled cheese with tomato soup and bite-sized lemon tarts. So good. In my nostalgia, I bought a jar of the lemon curd to spread on graham crackers (aka lazy girl lemon tarts.)

5 Do you like gifs? I love gifs. I use them all the time when texting with certain friends. Here’s one of my favorites (bonus points for being from Freaks and Geeks.)

eye roll

Friday Fitness: This week I began tapering for the KDF Mini Marathon, which meant I didn’t increase my miles, and did less strength training than I normally would. Here’s what that looked like:

  • Monday: 5 mile trail run, bouldering
  • Tuesday: power yoga + restorative yoga
  • Wednesday: 4 mile Fartlek run
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: 7.5 miles, restorative yoga
  • Saturday: yoga scheduled
  • Sunday: hiking scheduled

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