Moving Forward

I’m alive! On Sunday I flew back from Chicago in between sleeping for 15+ hours. On Monday, I could barely get up to make myself tea without feeling light-headed. Again, I slept a lot. I also sneezed and coughed a lot. This flu was no joke.

Today, I woke up feeling like a new person. My sinuses, though they feel a little raw, are clear. My chest doesn’t hurt when I breathe. In fact, I felt good enough to go for a (very slow!) three mile run, and didn’t come back completely exhausted.

I believe the fact that I’m feeling much better is helping me to re-frame this experience. While I still wish my mom and I hadn’t gotten the flu, I am looking for the positives in the situation. Initially, I felt angry that the flu wrecked my spring break plans, and has set me back in half marathon training and jumping back into teaching yoga. Now, I’m trying to view the past week as the universe forcing some much-needed rest upon me.

Via Pinterest

If you’ve been following along for even a minute, you might have seen how crazy things were in March. I recovered from a minor knee strain only to have my quadriceps become stubbornly tight. Amidst all that, I ran the Papa John’s 10 Miler. I also taught more yoga classes in March than I had ever taught in a month before. I don’t want to say I was burnt out, but I certainly was looking forward to a week off from my normal obligations.

I got more than I bargained for when life handed me a week on the couch, but maybe it was to my benefit. Now that I’m recovering from the flu, my legs are very well-rested. I’m also more than ready to jump back into teaching yoga, as well as a few other projects, like managing my studio’s blog while my friend, the usual editor, is taking time off for her wedding.

I don’t know if I’m willing to go so far as to call this a blessing in disguise, but I am choosing to find rejuvenation and inspiration to keep moving forward.


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