Spring Break

Hello from the other siiiiiide

Of spring break.

This week, the girl I that nanny and her family are away on their (warm) spring break vacation, so with a week off from my full-time job I decided to make a visit back to the (cold) Midwest.

The weather doesn’t feel like “spring break” but we’re making the most of it. It was 35 degrees, windy, and cloudy when I ran at my favorite spot in town on Monday, but the run felt really good. After that, I spent most of the day hanging out around my mom’s house while she was at work. Admittedly, it was really nice to relax, watch some TV (she has cable!) and finish the book I was reading. I also then met my dad and some of his family for dinner, where I ordered fajitas to try to warm up.

prairie running

With the sun out now, I decided to make today as spring-like as I could. I went for another run; my legs have felt amazing the past two days, and I’ve felt like I’ve been flying rather than running. Later, I went to Robeks, a new (to me) juice place near my mom’s house, to get a dose of greens and citrus. I ordered the Evergreen juice – kale, cucumber, celery, spinach, apple, and lemon – which looked perfectly like spring. (I’m also hoping this boost of vitamins and minerals will help whatever is causing my sore throat!)

evergreen juice

I also picked up some tulips at Trader Joe’s. They’re going to be gorgeous.


Later this week I’ll head north to Madison, to see my brother, and then to Milwaukee, to see my college roommate/friend. Keep your fingers crossed for nice weather!


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