Friday Five

1 I found this story about a globetrotting husband and wife fascinating. Nick and I both enjoy traveling, and I have such a craving to see new places, but I don’t think our wanderlust will ever go to this extent. They drove around 117 countries in the course of over two decades! Look through the photos, but also be sure to watch the short video at the bottom of the page.

2 We are so much more than the answer to, “What do you do?” I listened to this Q + A podcast with Jess Lively on worth and work, and particularly liked when she suggested we answer this question with what we are passionate about, and what it is we do to help others.

3 As much as I don’t particularly want to spend a day at the Derby – being sandwiched among a million others – I relish the Derby Dress of the Day series on Lou What Wear. The Kentucky Derby and its fashion is something so unique to Louisville, and I love that. I do have two pink dresses that would be perfect for the Oaks, but I don’t think you’ll see me in them at Churchill Downs this year.


4 Two words: mango mimosas. My friend and I ordered these a while back at Toast on Market, and we’ve recreated them on our own a few times since. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I foresee a lot of outdoor brunch dates to sip on these. You should get on this.

5 This Saturday morning, I will be teaching a complimentary yoga class at Seneca Park, sponsored by lululemon. It’s a power vinyasa class for all levels, with a special focus on runners as we lead up to the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon and Half Marathon. Get all the details here!

Friday Fitness: This week’s focus has been on recovery from last weekend’s race. The first half of the week my legs were still wiped out, but this morning I enjoyed my long run in plenty of sunshine.

  • Monday: yoga
  • Tuesday: 4 miles
  • Wednesday: 2 miles, strength training, massage
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: 8 miles
  • Saturday: yoga
  • Sunday: 2-4 miles

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