Friday Five

1 The shorts in this post caught my eye, even though I wouldn’t describe my style as this preppy. My style is more I just finished teaching yoga and threw a sweater on top. However, this does make me appreciate wearing “normal” clothes even more, and as spring approaches I’m looking forward to shorts weather.

2 Warmer weather also brings farmers’ markets back into season, and I enjoyed these tips for shopping on a budget. While we’ve tried participating in a CSA, I think this summer we’re going to opt out of that, and instead shop for our own produce at the market. This way we’ll be sure to get the produce we want (carrots, strawberries) and not an abundance of those we won’t use (cabbage, cabbage, and more cabbage.)

3 Last year, Nick and I chose to escape the craziness of Derby weekend by taking an overnight trip to Nashville, and this year we decided to do the same. We are once again staying in East Nashville, and want to go back to some of the places we loved last time, but I’m also adding DOH Nashville after seeing their Instagram.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.04.46 PM

4 This week Darling shared some tips here for how to be a better traveler. I think that the best kind of person to travel is the curious one. What is the point of going somewhere new if you’re not out to learn or experience new things? I agree that it’s crucial to know something about the language, culture, history and geography of where you’re headed. Allow yourself to go with the flow and meet adventure, but to be able to take control if you feel a little bit lost.

It may be the history student in me, but I loved knowing about the Spanish missions before visiting San Juan Capistrano

5 Tomorrow Nick will be racing in the second leg of the Triple Crown, the Rodes City Run 10K. I loved this race last year, but will miss it this year for a special yoga event. Perhaps I can persuade Nick to write his own race recap this time…

Friday Fitness: Things were on the upswing this week! No knee pain! On Monday I saw my massage therapist, who said she’d never seen my quads in such bad shape, and did what she could for them. The muscle fibers have released their death grip and I’ve been able to creep my mileage back up. The highlight of my week was having dry trails for two days of hiking and running!

  • Monday: 3 miles, barre, massage
  • Tuesday: 3 mile hike
  • Wednesday: 3 miles on trails, 1.5K row
  • Thursday: yoga
  • Friday: 8 miles
  • Saturday: rest scheduled
  • Sunday: 3-4 miles, yoga scheduled

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