How I Stay Organized

Anyone who has been in our apartment recently knows that I may not be the tidiest human being, but I am known for keeping a very organized schedule. Not to toot my own horn too much, but when I was in college I had a faculty member ask my advice for managing a tight daily schedule.

journal outside

First, let’s talk a few basics. Creating and maintaining an organized schedule requires thought and planning. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make a list of your prioritized obligations and activities .
  • Be intentional about your commitments. Say “no” when you need to.
  • Be realistic about how long certain tasks take you.
  • Think in both long term and short term. Don’t overcrowd a day or week unnecessarily.

To plan long-term, I use a wall calendar. In college, I had a big desk calendar that I actually hung on the wall above my bed as a giant visual. It was easy to access, and fun to cross off deadlines once completed. While we now have a (Grumpy Cat) calendar in our kitchen, it serves a similar purpose. At the beginning of the year, I write down all the known times I am teaching yoga, have a meeting to attend, am on call for work, or will be out of town. As things come up, like races or classes that I’m subbing, I add them to the calendar. This ensures that both Nick and I know what we have on the schedule.

To keep me organized on a daily or weekly basis, I also use a journal. I’m not sure it qualifies as a bullet journal, as mine is a bit more free flowing, but it’s in keeping with the same concept. In my journal, I keep track of everything from my weekly training plan to each week’s to-dos. I’ve also thrown in my packing list for Honduras, as well as the discussion questions I use to moderate my book club. It’s a catch-all, and I can carry it anywhere I go.

journal to do

I also use my iPhone Calendar as a handy mobile back up for these. It includes everything from our wall calendar, as well as coffee or lunch dates; it’s so convenient to finalize a lunch date via text and then place it in the calendar. If there’s an unusual event I’m afraid I’ll forget about, I’ll set an alert in the calendar to remind me ahead of time. I also utilize Reminders daily for my Core Four.

It comes down to this: I am a visual learner, and the act of writing things out helps me to remember. If you have a similar learning style, you might already use these strategies. However, if you’re less Type A than I am, there might be something else that works for you.

Who has additional tips or strategies for staying organized? Please share!


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