Over this past weekend, Nick and I made a trip up to Indianapolis to attend the Friends of Honduran Children gala. It was an opportunity to celebrate the organization’s work, to see many of my friends and travel companions, and to raise funds to continue the mission.

The event was held at the Dallara IndyCar Factory, and while I never got into car racing, it was a fun venue. As part of the fundraiser, you could reserve a ride in one of the IndyCars, but as I don’t even like go-karts I opted out. Instead, Nick and I just enjoyed looking at some of the cars on display.

From the time that Nick and I purchased our tickets, we set aside some money to use at the silent auction. At the outset of the evening, I used some money on the wine pull and to purchase a small print. I resisted bidding on the Labradoodle puppy, but I did get my photo with her because she was adorable.



Later, as we started to walk around and check out the auction, we put bids in for several items. A few we didn’t mind when we got outbid, but there were two items that we really had our hearts set on: a wooden nativity set, and a framed collage of crosses made by the children. The framed cross was especially meaningful to me, as the children made the crosses while I was there on my last trip.

Throughout dinner and the speakers, Nick and I kept monitoring our items, trying to slow down the bidding so that it wouldn’t get too high. All the bidding was done on a smart phone or tablet, making it convenient to keep bidding while at dinner. Bidding was set to end at 9:15PM, and when the clock ran out, we thought we had won the nativity but lost the cross. However, the bidding was extended for five minutes, and at 9:19 I told Nick to put one last bid in and….we won! It turns out we outbid a friend at the last minute, so even if we hadn’t gotten it, it would have gone to a good home.


Even if we hadn’t walked away with all the items we wanted, we would have had a great time. I was so happy to catch up with some of the people I traveled with just a month ago, and to see others that I’ve traveled with in the past.

Read more about my trips to Honduras and the work of the organization here!

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