February 2016

Once again I’m linking up with Gretchen and Kristen for “What’s New With You?” to share my monthly wrap-up. Here’s a look back at all things February:

Traveled: On my fourth trip to Honduras. You can find posts about my trip here.

Listened to: Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls and The Girl on the Train on audio book, the first on the airplane, the second on many treadmill runs when the weather was icy.

Watched: The first few episodes of Making a Murderer while my dad was visiting; Nick and I hope to finish it over his spring break. I also started Love, Judd Apatow’s latest on Netflix, on a Friday when I was too exhausted to go out.

Wrote: A few blog posts sharing recipes for the participants of the 40 Days to a Personal Revolution Program (which I’ve done before) hosted by my studio, 502 Power Yoga. You can check them out on the studio blog.

Ran: Just 58 miles, around half my normal mileage. It was a low mileage month due to traveling and then a little knee injury. 3.1 of these miles were at the Anthem 5K.

Taught: A whole bunch of yoga classes, for adults and kids. The most unique places I taught were at the Kentucky Center for Free Yoga Friday, and at the Tim Faulkner Gallery for a community class. In addition to my regular kids’ class, I started working with Jefferson County Public Schools in a Literacy & Yoga series within their Compassionate Schools Project.

Attended: Creative Mornings, where Stephen Kertis of Kertis Creative spoke about the ethics of storytelling. It gave a lot of food for thought, but he also ended with a laugh.

Enjoyed: This post written by pro-athlete Sarah Crouch about body image, and this article about the flow or zen of (ultra)running.

Drooled over: This (vegan) Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake, these Indecisive Cookies (the best of all worlds), and these Flourless Salted Peanut Butter Cookies…apparently my sweet-craving were on over-drive.

Purchased: A new lipstick from Arbonne. It was about time to add a pop of red into my (minimal and infrequent) makeup routine, and I settled on Currant.

I loved visiting the sweet little ones in the nursery while in Honduras
Visiting the sweet little ones in the nursery while in Honduras

What's New With You


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