Core Four

After yesterday’s post about doughnuts, today I thought I’d share with you my “core four” for some balance. These are the four exercises I do every morning (well, almost every morning) to strengthen my core muscles. They were recommended to me by my sports chiropractor, but as a fitness instructor I would recommend them to anyone!

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Maybe I need a tracking number to know when my abs will arrive…kidding!

Core Strength vs. Visible Abs

Admittedly, I do not have ripped, six-pack abs. The thing is, you don’t need visible abs to have a strong core; in fact, someone’s abs may be more a result of their body type than an indication of their strength. For example, I teach one student who has abdominal muscle definition, but side-by-side, I preform better in a core strength test. Let’s just say that abs are icing on the cake. Don’t you want a slice of that cake? (Maybe just a slice of cake, but we’ve got time for that after core work.)

The Core Four

  • Prone plank (how-to…she’s kinda hilarious)
  • Side planks, one on each side (how-to)
  • Lateral steps with a resistance band (how-to…I recommend starting with 3 sets of 10 reps on each side)

Sometimes I add in variations to make it easier, like coming on one knee for side planks. I will also add in movements to make it more challenging, such as foot raises or shoulder taps in plank. On days I really need a break, I rest.


So why do I do these exercises? Having a strong core is important for athletes who want to preform well and stay-injury free, but the same can be said for everyone. A strong core will help you maintain good posture, promote life-long back health, and reduce your risk of physical injury.

With a strong core, you can fly!

Making it a routine

To make sure these exercises are part of my daily routine, I set a reminder on my phone for 8AM. I also have a daily reminder for “Abs at Eight” at 8PM. I see this as time to work in any bonus core or abdominal exercises that I want to do, like sit-ups, leg raises, bicycle crunches, bridges, squats, etc. Consistency is key.

T-Rex would hate the core four
T-Rex would hate the core four. Via.

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