Friday Five

1 Trader Joe’s Super Burritos have been a favorite this winter. In the warmer months, I usually have a smoothie for lunch, but now that it’s winter I’ve been craving warm meals. They’re loaded with sweet potatoes, quinoa and kale, have a little bit of a kick, and are vegan. Perfect for busy days!

2 Speaking of winter (and how much I don’t like it)…this Ocean Salt scrub from Lush tides me over until warmer weather comes. Not only does the scent remind me of beach vacations, but it really goes give my skin a wonderful look and feel.

3 I mixed Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes with a pinch of cinnamon and topped it all with maple syrup, and it tasted a lot like the Eggo Waffles I remember as a kid, only a little better.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

4 Speaking of “Leggo my Eggo”….I’m so happy I was a child of the 90’s. If you were alive in the 90s, take this Buzzfeed quiz to see which 90s Nickelodeon cartoon character you are (I got Angry Beavers!) If you weren’t alive in the 90s…it’s okay, you only missed Spice Girls, SNICK, Dunkaroos, Nintendo 64, wearing sweatshirts tied around your waist, Boy Meets World, all the best Disney movies, a time before social media…alright, so you missed a lot.

Rugrats...and more waffles!
Rugrats…and more waffles!

5 Ending on a serious note: the children I visit in Honduras are not true orphans, they live in group homes because their parents aren’t able to take care of them for any number of reasons. Some of their stories break my heart. This is reality for many in Honduras, but I believe that the work being done is creating a better future.


Finally, I’ve decided to start adding a bonus “Friday Fitness” update with the Friday Five, because I’ve gotten feedback that some of you like to read training updates. My first race of the year is a 5K coming up the last weekend of February.

  • Monday: 5 miles (with 8 x 400 meters at 5K pace)
  • Tuesday: 3 miles, power yoga
  • Wednesday: 8 miles
  • Thursday: power yoga
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 6 miles (3 at tempo pace) scheduled
  • Sunday: 3 miles, power yoga scheduled

One thought on “Friday Five

  1. I remember Angry Beavers! Rugrats was definitely my favorite though.If I heard it coming on (that intro!) while I was in my room, I’d run down the stairs to see it!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences in Honduras! Such amazing work being done.

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