Snowed In

Alright, I know we probably won’t be truly snowed in, but with half a foot of snow in tomorrow’s forecast, kids are getting a really long weekend. Still, we won’t truly be snowed in. The folks out east, though…I’m worried about them. It sounds like they really should be stock piling all the hot chocolate and reading material.

All this talk of getting snowed in reminds me of  the storm we had in Indy during my sophomore year of college, which was known as “ice-pocalypse” or “snow-mageddon.” We got several inches of ice that coated campus and canceled classes for two days. It was awesome!

Winter at Butler University
Winter at Butler University

I remember being at the Starbucks on campus when my roommate and I found out that classes would be canceled the next day. We got our lattes to go and hustled back to our dorm to celebrate. We woke up to find campus entirely frozen. The lawn was such a perfect sheet of ice that Nick’s roommate and a few of our other hockey-playing friends put on their skates and started a game.

And though we would venture outside to play or watch hockey, walking the fifty yards from our dorm to the dining hall was out of the question. As the precipitation continued to come down, we decided to order Chinese delivery. That poor guy who had to drive to campus and walk up to our building with almost $100 worth of Chinese food in that weather. (Don’t worry, we did give him a generous tip.) The dozen of us gathered with our little white boxes of fried rice and fortune cookies to watch Inception late into the night, knowing classes were once again canceled the following day.

I bet you didn't believe that we ordered almost $100 worth of Chinese food
I bet you didn’t believe that we ordered almost $100 worth of Chinese food

Eventually, we did get a little antsy, but by the following week the snow melted and were back in classes as usual. Those days are still some of my favorite memories from college, though.

Stay warm & safe this weekend, and if you get just a little bit snowed in, I hope you consider Chinese food and a movie in your pajamas.


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