Intentions for 2016

I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions, in part because I think they have a negative connotation, and also because I’m contemplative and tend to reevaluate my habits and choices frequently. That said, it doesn’t hurt to take this “fresh start” to write down current intentions and goals. I’m going to share some of mine, and hope to hear from all of you, too!

Via the Fresh Exchange
Via The Fresh Exchange

Back in November, I shared a few mantras I’m living by lately on Instagram. So far they’ve been serving me well, when I use them. They are:

  • Drop ego.
  • Show generosity of spirit.
  • Come from “people are doing the best they can.”

If I had to summarize what I want for my life moving forward, I’ve decided that I would make this a year of abundance. With that in mind, I’ve set a few intentions to create that abundance:

  • More time with friends. In the past year, I’ve prioritized family, in particular time with my husband. However, since I have created such a sustainable work-life balance, I have time to spend with friends and I want to enjoy that!
  • More hiking. Nick and I have been talking about going to Red River Gorge for two years now, and I think this is finally the year we put it on the calendar. I also have friends that enjoy hiking, so this encourages me to circle back to the previous intention.
  • More leafy greens. I want to be like Popeye. Seriously, though, I am constantly working to get enough iron in my diet. My goal is to get leafy greens, which are not my favorite vegetable but are so iron-rich, on my plate at least five times per week.
  • More travel. Whether this be a day trip to Cincinnati, Nashville or Lexington, or a week-long road trip to another part of the country, I want to take every opportunity I can to travel, especially to places I’ve never been.
  • More service. Although I do spend two hours most weeks volunteering as a yoga teacher, I want to get back to being of service in different ways. I’m hoping to find, or create, opportunities through my church.
  • More gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for in my life, and I want to be conscious of that every day.

Finally, a few SMART goals, because those are important.

  • I will complete this reading challenge by the end of the year.
  • I will run a trail half marathon by the end of the year. (I’m thinking about the half marathon distance of this race.)
  • I will attend two workshops to continue my education as a yoga instructor.

I’m sure new goals or intentions will come up as life happens, but that’s where I’m at today. Here’s to a year of abundance and growth!

If you’ve set some goals or intentions for the new year, please share them in the comments below or link to a post you’ve made!


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