December 2015

Is it just me or did 2015 fly by? I can’t believe today is the final day of December, let alone the year. Here’s a look back at all that happened in the countdown to the new year:

Traveled: To So Cal, to celebrate Christmas with some of my family. It was a quiet and fairly uneventful holiday, which was welcomed this year.

Celebrated: My brother-in-law’s wedding on the 19th, shortly followed by Nick’s birthday on the 21st.

Read: Cloud Atlas, Go Set a Watchman, Slade House, and The Plantpower Way….closing out this year with 54 books total.

Watched: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and it exceeded my expectations. When initially announced, I was skeptical that it would be as good as previous movies, but now I can’t wait for more in the franchise.

Ran: 107 miles, 30 of which were run in sunny California. Very few of these were run on the treadmill, as the weather has continued to be so mild. Thanks, El Niño!

Hiked: Five miles in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, on trails just five minutes from my Nana’s.

Survived: An unofficial sprint triathlon at one of the local YMCA locations, just to get the most out of our free day passes.

Taught: Only a few yoga classes, because of the holidays. It was nice to have some time off to feel refreshed in both my practice and my teaching.

Attended: Connecting Things, where I helped to set up, but shared facilitating duties this month. (I’m still refining my leadership style.) The event was held at Regalo, a shop on South 4th Street, where owner JD Dotson was the speaker.

Enjoyed: This blog post about “why not to go on a diet,” this one about runners and the body weight dilemma, and this funny one about how each Myers-Briggs type prepares for the holidays (I am so ESFJ.)

Drooled over: These Nutella doughnuts, this nog pie with coconut and gingersnap crust, and the gorgeousness of this peppermint bark layer cake.

Purchased: Two new pairs of glasses (one regular, one sunglasses) after nine years of my old ones. On the same day I also bought a plane ticket to visit my family in April, a skin care set from Arbonne, and a new coloring book….it seems that I’ll go through purchasing droughts and then all of a sudden BAM!

A December sunset as seen from my in-law’s back yard


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