Happy Trails

In the past couple years, Nick and I have begun to enjoy hiking more and more. It’s a different experience than running, and can allow you to slow down to take in the scenery…and converse without having to catch your breath.

The last time we were in California together, we did a hike up in Big Bear which took us onto a piece of the Pacific Crest Trail. This time we opted to spend more time with family, and looked for hikes closer to home base. What we found was the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park, which was incredibly scenic and just a five minute drive from my Nana’s.


Located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, this trail is a five mile loop that goes through a few canyons and up to the top of hills. It’s a good climb, with about 750 feet elevation change from bottom to top. However, we saw plenty of families out walking together, even a few pushing strollers (that’s gotta give you good arms!) The views certainly make the uphill worth it; from the top on a clear day we were able to see the skyline of downtown LA, as well as plenty of mountains.

Enough of my words, I’ll let some of our photos do the talking:

Hiking through a little canyon
The poppy seed Nick didn’t tell me was in my teeth…Blame it on the everything bagel


What we thought was high up…until we just kept gaining elevation


Near the highest point we reached
Posing for a photo for the latest yoga challenge I’m participating in on Instagram



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