Our Christmas Plans This Year

Last Wednesday, the last time I posted, seems like ages ago! In between now and then, Nick was the best man in his brother’s wedding, and we spent Friday and Saturday celebrating my brother-in-law and new sister-in-law. After the reception on Saturday night, Nick and I drove back to Louisville and slept for five hours before heading to the airport (I had most of my stuff packed before then.)

How to decorate for Christmas in So Cal

Our plane landed in California around lunchtime on Sunday, and we’ve kept busy since. We spent Nick’s birthday, December 21, out and about around southern California; I’ll make a special post about that later. We’ve caught up on a lot of sleep, and not really adjusted to the time zone change (hence why I am writing this at 4:30AM on the West Coast.)

We’re here to spend Christmas with my Nana, who turned 94-years-old a few weeks ago. It’s been four years since I spent the holiday here, and my mother and brother are flying in today to join us. I’m so grateful to be able to visit my Nana around the holidays with the ones I love.

My family gathered, Christmas 2011: My uncle, brother, cousins, me, my mom, Nana, and my aunt.

I hope you all are able to surround yourselves with the people in your life that mean the most, either physically or in your heart. Merry Christmas!


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