Weekend Wrap Up + Triathlon

I intended on writing a post at the end of last week, but life got in the way. To sum it up, here are the positives from the weekend:

  • 8 mile run on Friday morning in a tank and shorts
  • Fresh hair cuts before my brother-in-law’s wedding next weekend
  • Lights Under Louisville with Nick, said brother-in-law, and his fiancee

And the negatives:

  • Nick suffering a bout of food poisioning
  • While I was on chat with Apple for a couple hours re: my iPhone 5S whose sound is broken
  • The fact that I have to buy a new phone after only 1 1/2 years

In the end, Nick and I were ready to move forward. So, this morning we used the free day passes for the YMCA we got at this year’s Turkey Trot. What better way to start a Monday than a sprint triathlon?

We’ve tossed around the idea of doing a sprint triathlon for a couple years now, but haven’t committed because we don’t currently have access to a pool. Nick saw these day passes as the perfect opportunity to do a triathlon of our own, on our own time. We in no way trained for this; we are both consistent runners, less consistent cyclists, and inexperienced swimmers – the last time I was in a pool was in August, and that was only the second time in 2015.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Swim: 750 meters in the pool. Nick and I shared a lane. I did backstroke, while Nick chose mostly free style. I was happy with my choice because breathing is easier, and I was less tired than Nick was when we got out of the water.

Bike: 12 miles on the stationary bike. We snagged bikes right next to each other and tried to keep up conversation to make the time pass. Nick felt this in his quads, while I felt it in my hamstrings (I’m definitely hamstring dominant.)

Run: 5K on the treadmill. We also got treadmills next to each other, but we were really too tired to talk. I honestly think this was the toughest 5K I’ve done! More so than my first 5K, more so than the last 5K of my best half marathon…. By this time, it took concentration to put one foot in front of the other.

Was it hard? Yes. Was it too hard? No, because we weren’t racing, we were just having fun. And, I really did enjoy it! I have even more respect for triathletes now, and I want to become one myself. I can only imagine that this would be easier with actual training, ha!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up + Triathlon

  1. I love the idea of doing a triathlon on your own! I’ve been playing around with doing another one and this would be a good idea to do in the Spring to see if I still have it in me and if I’d be good at it!

  2. Doesn’t sound like fun to me but so like you two. Sounds like the Lights Under Louisville would be fun. Maybe Uncle Ben and I need to come next year and do that.

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