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Local Love: V-Grits

I’m so excited for this installment of my Local Love series! Even though I intended this series to focus on more than just local eats, I haven’t done a great job following through with that. However, today I break away from talking restaurants to share about my favorite food truck, V-Grits.

Biscuit + gravy
Biscuit + gravy

What makes V-Grits unique is that they use 100% plant based ingredients; in other words, everything on the menu is entirely vegan. But before you non-believers turn up your noses, know that they serve up traditional comfort food and dishes that are full of flavor, and I’ve never met anyone who was disappointed.

The first time I sampled V-Grits was when Chef Kristina spoke at Connecting Things in September. Not only did she give an interesting presentation about her career, but she also brought along cheesy grits and biscuits with gravy for all the attendees. It was all the epitome of comfort food, and I knew I’d have to try the lunch and dinner items as well.

Since then, Nick and I have sought out the truck a few times. We’ve split the V-Burger, which comes with tiny fried onions and a really good special sauce.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Nick and the V-burger

Not wanting to share, on another occasion we both got sweet chili cauliflower tacos. I think these were my favorite dish so far. I loved the combination of sweet and spicy, Asian and Latin. At their final event of the season, Nick again got the V-Burger, while I tried the buffalo cauliflower tacos. As someone who doesn’t typically enjoy cauliflower, you know they’re doing something right if I’m excited to eat it.

Sweet chili cauliflower tacos
Sweet chili cauliflower tacos

V-Grits is the best of all worlds: hearty, healthy and cruelty-free food. Follow them on social media to learn more about their subscription boxes and to find events next season.


3 thoughts on “Local Love: V-Grits

  1. Oh my goodness yum! you take such great pictures too! You make me want to drive on up to Louisville, which I actually might do at some point because it’s not fair and we have some good friends who are there working for amazon!

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