Birthday No. 25

Today, I marked a quarter century of my life. It was a low-key day, as I have been feeling under the weather since last night. I celebrated quietly this morning with a few cups of coffee and kitten snuggles – I think the girls knew it was my birthday because they obliged me by curling up in my lap together. I did get out for a trail run and some fresh air. And, I didn’t let a little stomach ache stop me from enjoying my birthday cake, which in this case was a chocolate & peanut butter cupcake from Whole Foods.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

On my birthday I am always reminded of how lovely my family and friends are. All day I received well wishes via text, email, social media and honest-to-goodness phone calls. I even got a card from the family that I work for, written out by the girl I nanny. So sweet.

As I’m not one to limit my celebrations to one day, I’m looking forward to hopefully being in tip-top shape tomorrow to really get the party started!


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