Urban Bourbon Half Marathon

When the half marathon I had trained for earlier this fall canceled, I set my eyes on the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon, right here in Louisville. I rapidly made the switch from training on flat routes to hills, and loved the cooler temperatures October had to offer. I felt very good about the hard work I had put in. During taper week, my legs felt great and I, thankfully, recovered from a cold quickly. I planned to give it all I had. As we approached race day, the forecast called for an unseasonably warm morning, but you’ve got to take what you’re given. To recap this race, I wanted to make a video, and Nick suggested we drive parts of the race route (which he regretted when he got assigned camera duty.) I’ll let that video take it from here…

Finishing was tough, and I was disappointed with my time, but I really did give it everything I had that day. At the post-race party, I couldn’t stomach any of the free bourbon samples, but I did enjoy a doughnut with Nick, and we chatted with some acquaintances we ran into. Today, my quads are sore and stiff, and stairs are my enemy. But of course I’m already looking forward to my next opportunity to chase down a PR for 13.1 miles.

You can see photos from the race over on my Instagram.


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