A Day in the Life

When I meet new people and tell them about my life, they often ask what I do every day, especially when they hear about my work schedule. The truth is, every day is different, and I really cherish that. However, I’ve seen a few “day in the life” posts before, and thought I’d do one. At first it actually seemed silly, but after a while I noticed how much more mindful I was of everything that I did. You can read it all or not, but here’s what today looked like…

5:00AM Our alarm goes off and I head straight to the kitchen to turn on the coffee maker I set up the night before. I cook myself oatmeal, and top it with peanut butter, cinnamon, and banana. Nick and I watch the local news while I eat my oatmeal and he eats his pre-run banana. He heads out shortly after, and I throw on my workout clothes.

5:50AM: I head out the door to get to work by 6:15. I am always early, but I want to leave extra time just in case. I like to listen to Morning Edition on my drive.

6:30AM: The girl I nanny for wakes up. I have a hard time convincing her to get out of her warm bed to get ready for school. This morning her dad made chocolate chip banana bread muffins, and since they’re so good, I eat one with her at breakfast. After breakfast, teeth get brushed, hair gets braided, dogs get let out for the bathroom, and the new bunny gets fed.

7:45AM: I drop her off at school and am free for a while, though I may have to pick her up from school as well today.

8:00AM: Arrive at Highland Fitness and start my workout. Today I run 3 miles, row 1.5K, and do some additional strength training for my upper body. When I run on the treadmill, it’s to hit a certain pace; I do this especially when I know I need to take it easy. To beat the boredom, I listen to podcasts. Today it’s the TED Radio Hour.


9:05AM: Get home, pet the cats, and eat a bowl of cherries and drink a Vega protein shake. I’m not that hungry since I had that muffin, but I want to jump start my workout recovery, especially because it’s taper week. While I eat this, I check my email. I respond to an email from my co-teachers to plan this Thursday’s family yoga class.

9:30AM: Enjoy a nice, hot shower. It’s been so cold the past few days! Unless I’m going to an event, I never put on makeup, so getting ready is pretty easy.

10:15AM: Go to the library to find this week’s read. Today I chose to go to the Crescent Hill branch, instead of the one in my neighborhood, to mix things up and check out their selection. I decided pretty quickly on David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks.


10:45AM Stop at the park to walk, admire the fall colors, and scout a possible place to shoot today’s yoga challenge photo.

11:15AM Lunch time! I’m more of a grazer anyway, but on days that I work early, I eat a lot more small snacks or meals throughout the day so that I’m not hungry for dinner in the middle of the afternoon. Today I had some of the stuff we picked up at Trader Joe’s on our weekly haul.


And for your enjoyment, here’s how we entertain ourselves on a Sunday night…

11:35AM: Catch up on the blogs I like to read via Bloglovin. I also return some more emails to schedule dates I’m teaching yoga, and to keep updated with the plans for this winter’s trip to Honduras.

12:10PM: My boss texts me to let me know that I’m going to have to pick up her daughter from school. I decide to sneak in my 30 minute nap now while I have time. Nora snuggles up with me at some point.

1:00PM: Up from my nap, I’m ready for a snack to get me going again, so I pour a bowl of peanut butter Puffins and almond milk. I check my email again, and begin to read through some more blogs.

1:05PM: My boss texts me that by a miracle she’s finished with her case and will be able to do pick up after all. That leaves the rest of my afternoon free…

1:30PM: Ok, enough messing around. I start drafting a new post for the 502 Power Yoga blog, which I’ve contributed to a few times before.

2:20PM: I submit my post for review and think about taking care of a few chores around the house.


2:45PM I stop procrastinating on social media and actually do said chores, like folding and putting away the laundry I washed yesterday (I told you I’m bad at this) and cleaning out my car. As I work, I continue to listen to the podcast I started this morning.

3:25PM Sit down with a mug of green tea, my book, and the heat pack for my sore muscles.

4:30PM Going into the kitchen for a snack, I realize I should probably just eat dinner if I’m hungry enough. (That’s something my mom always said, that if you’re hungry enough, skip all the snacks and just go for the meal, who cares what time it is.) Besides, Nick’s not sure when he’s getting out of clinic today anyway. I steam some broccoli and stir fry some tempeh in tamari sauce.

5:00PM Nick gets home (earlier than I thought) and we watch Seinfeld while he eats. We catch up on how the other’s day went.

6:00PM I drag Nick out the door for a short walk and to get my photo for the Instagram challenge I’m currently participating in. He did a nice job, as always.


6:30PM We’re back home and I immediately put my pajamas on. For the next few hours, Nick will study and I will read my book and “surf the net,” as we said back in the day.

9:00PM Teeth get brushed and flossed before lights out sometime between 9:30 and 10:00. That’s it!


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