This week I’ve been all over the place. On the running front, it’s my last week of real training before I taper for the Urban Bourbon. I also went to yoga classes taught by two friends at two different studios, in addition to attending a back bending workshop at my home studio. On top of that, I’m teaching three classes of my own, as well as a Yoga for Runners workshop at Yoga on Ridley this weekend. On top of that, our hot water went out on Tuesday night…at least my work schedule has been pretty mild. In among all this, I’ve intended to write but every day it’s fallen by the wayside. When I saw the A-Z survey on Jen Chooses Joy, I thought this would be a good, quick post to fill in.

Facing my fear of failure by taking on bouldering
Facing my fear of failure by taking on bouldering

Age: 24, but pretty soon to be 25 (Hello, quarter of a century!)

Biggest fear: Failure. It wasn’t until recently that I identified this, but this is how my perfectionist tendencies manifest as fear.

Current time: 4:15PM, Fast Time (My husband is from southwestern Indiana, where some counties are on Central, or “slow time” as they call it, and some are on Eastern, or “fast time. Ha!)

Drink you last had: I’m currently drinking blueberry green tea. It’s so good!

Easiest person to talk to: Nick!

Favorite song: “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” Bob Dylan

Grossest memory: The one that still continues to haunt me….When I was younger, we spent Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house and one by one the whole family succumbed to the stomach flu. The last thing I ate before I got sick was pumpkin pie, and to this day the smell of pumpkin pie makes me nauseous.

Hometown: Naperville, IL aka suburban Chicago

In love with: Nick, of course.

Jealous of: Professional runners. I’d love to get paid to run! I’d also love to have that level of ability.

Kindest person you know: Nick is certainly one of the nicest, most respectful people I know; that’s one reason why I was attracted to him in the first place. My friend/roommate from college, also ranks up really high!

Longest relationship: I suppose you could say that my relationship to my parents as a daughter is technically the longest…but, as far as romantic relationships go, then that would be with Nick, just over four years.

Middle name: Christine. I love it because it’s not an extremely common middle name.

Number of siblings: One younger bother, and one older brother-in-law.

One wish: For every child to have a loving home, whatever that looks like.

Person you spoke to last on the phone: I think my dad, when we spoke a few days ago.

Question you’re always asked: “Are you still working as a nanny?” Yes! People assume that my job is either boring or not fulfilling. The truth is, while I do love my job, it takes up a small portion of my every day life. In between, I fill my life with things I enjoy doing, like running, getting lunch with friends, and teaching yoga.

Reason to smile: In the last couple weeks, the leaves have changed colors. These mild days with plenty of sunshine and brilliant colors are some of my favorite.

Song you last sang: So embarrassing, but I sang along to the jingle of a local commercial on TV this morning. It’s too catchy. I’ve been listening to public radio most of the past few days, so maybe I’m a little musically deprived at the moment.

Time you woke up: 6:12AM. I didn’t wake up to an alarm this morning, and got up a bit later than usual.

Unique talent: I’m not sure if this counts, but I have the patience to teach meditation to kids. Our meditations never last much more than two minutes, but getting them to be still and silent for that long is a challenge!

Vacation destination: Southern California. It has everything I need; warm temps, dry air, beaches and mountains. I’m lucky to have always had family there.

Worst habit: Forgetting about the laundry in the dryer for a few days. I know this drives Nick crazy!

X-rays you’ve had: Most recently, Nick got to take some dental x-rays at the school clinic. Other than dental x-rays, I’ve had my foot/ankle checked out when I thought I fractured it in soccer.

Your favorite food: Does coffee count? If not, then oatmeal with peanut butter and banana.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio.

Feel free to answer some of all of these in the comments, or on your own blog!

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