Weekends in Indiana

My friends have been giving me a hard time because I’ve been spending at least part of the weekend in Indiana for the past four weeks. The first two trips were for races, but the others were for fall adventures and family get-togethers. Here’s a little about how we’ve been enjoying these lovely fall weekends…

The day after Nick and I ran the Great Pumpkin 10K, we decided to take advantage of a free day and make the drive (about an hour) into the Hoosier National Forest to hike on the Two Lakes Trail. The National Forest is gorgeous this time of year, and there’s only a small $5 fuel charge to get in during peak season. We didn’t hike the whole trail this time, but one of my summer 2016 bucket list items is to go back and run/hike the entire 15 mile loop.

One of the (few) points that the trail crosses a road
Nick led the way so that he could take down the spider webs
Fish Pose at Lake Celina, one of the two lakes the trail loops around

The day after that was part of Nick’s four day weekend from the dental school, so in the morning we drove up to Huber’s orchard to pick some apples, see the pumpkins, and so that I could drink hot apple cider. It was a lot warmer than when we went on his fall break last year, but we got the same delicious Winesap apples.

He’s great at reaching the highest apples
Apple Tree Pose, or how yogis pick apples
You can keep your PSL, I just want a hot apple cider

This past Saturday, we set off for Nick’s family’s house in southwestern Indiana so that I could attend my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower (while Nick had the task of taking Catniss for her annual booster shots at the vet.) I didn’t snap any photos at the shower, although it was decorated lovely. In the afternoon, Nick and I, my brother-in-law and his fiancee, and the parents of the bride and groom all went out to the lake. While everyone else fished, Nick and I took some borrowed kayaks for a spin. I’m convinced we need a tandem kayak of our own. We I enjoyed some champagne leftover from the shower and some snacks before heading back to Louisville.

About to take off across the lake
We had the most perfect weather for this outing
If you don’t bring champagne to the lake with you, you’re doing it wrong
Catniss was only a little sour about having to go in the car and to the vet

The next morning I taught yoga, but immediately after we hopped back into the car to meet my brother-in-law and his fiancee in French Lick for lunch. We ate inside the French Lick Resort before checking out the casino, and the grounds of West Baden Springs Hotel as well. (Nick “hates” when I say BAH-DEN, and not BAY-DEN, the way Hoosiers say it.)

A view of West Baden Spring’s dome from the grounds
A pumpkin patch along the side of the highway

I assured my friends that I didn’t have any more plans to return to Indiana, until I remembered that I have the privilege to lead a workshop at Yoga on Ridley in Corydon, IN this coming weekend. After that, though, I plan to enjoy the fall season at home in Louisville for a while.


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