Bring it on, Fall!

How is it that we’re already halfway through September? The weather seems to be saying that it can’t be true, giving us a week of autumn, followed by a week of summer, and then a week of autumn, and another week of summer. I’d say we’ve got Indian Summer, but it’s become apparent to me that folks in this part of the country don’t use that term. I’ve had to explain it to many of my local friends. In the Midwest, or at least in the Chicago area, we say we’ve got Indian Summer when an unseasonably warm spell hits in the fall months. While it may not have a very politically correct name, I think many people have a fondness for this time of year, in part due to the famous cartoon that appear over 100 years ago in the Chicago Tribune.

As much as I love Indian Summer, I am ready for fall. I genuinely enjoyed wearing jeans and a long sleeved blouse this past weekend. I felt relieved to run my final speed workout before my half marathon and not be drenched in sweat. I was elated to spy the first pumpkin products at Trader Joe’s. I’m looking forward to apple picking and hay rides and cider. I’m ready to bring out my wool socks and collection of boots. I’m anxious to go hiking with Nick and not have to wear insect repellent. (We’ve got a trip to Red River Gorge planned for October!)

Fall in Indiana
Fall colors in Indiana

I believe that my excitement for fall became most noticeable when I realized that the usual anxiety I feel at the changing season wasn’t present. Having spent most of my life as a student, or even a teacher, the end of summer felt bittersweet. Now, without the “first day of school,” the summer and fall are blending into one another. I’ve escaped the anxiety (though sadly not the allergies.)

You can read last year’s anticipation of fall here. Bring it on, fall, I’m ready!


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