It’s finally here, Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial end to summer. While the temperatures aren’t cooling off yet, my days and weeks are becoming more routine-oriented, something that was missing this summer. While Nick does go to school year round, his work load has increased with a one-two punch from classes and clinic. It’s time to trade the giant watermelons we’ve been feasting on for the butternut squash we received from a friend’s farm last weekend.

We’re enjoying this last hurrah, though. My mom drove down from Chicagoland to spend the long weekend with us. On Saturday, Nick and I got an early start to our morning with a 12 mile run for our half marathon training. Once my mom arrived, we checked out this month’s Flea Off Market and grabbed some iced coffees at Please & Thank You. We enjoyed an early sushi dinner and visited at home the rest of the evening.

On Sunday, we headed to Nick’s grandma’s lake house, where she hosts the family for summer holidays. I chowed down on pita & hummus, chips & bean dip, and altogether too much watermelon and had no room for dinner. Nick and I got to take the canoe out on the lake and were having a great time paddling around…until a bird dropped a little gift on me. Despite that, it was nice to bring family together and catch up.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Today, we’ve got no major plans. Nick and I went on a run this morning when it was quiet and most people were sleeping in on their day off. We might do a little shopping later, but I think what we’re all enjoying most is the extra day to relax and wind down summer.

As a final thought, I can’t help but point out this brief article about what we really celebrate on Labor Day. Take a look, and then enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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