Plant Power and Other Changes

With the change of the seasons approaching (I hope; it’s still hot as heck here in Louisville), I’m slowly introducing some changes into my life. My intention is to create habits that nourish body and soul.

For one, I’ve committed to using my bike more. This summer I took my car many times that I could have ridden my bike. And it was a hot one, but come on, most of the time it was to the yoga studio or the gym and you’re supposed to be sweaty in those places.

Another area of my life that needs constant monitoring is my commitments. I’ve begun in the last year to understand that by saying yes to only so many things, I’m more committed to those things. Yet, a friend recently, and astutely, pointed out that I create many responsibilities for myself that aren’t inherently there. I’m beginning to think I have a serious case of FOMO. (I actually cringed a little taking this quiz.)

But the biggest change I’m creating in my life is eating a more plant-based diet. I know my family, who have seen how many bananas sit on our counter, are probably wondering how that is possible. In truth, these are just small changes. I’ve been a vegetarian since high school, about eight years or so. I didn’t adopt this diet for ethical reasons, but the more I learn about industrial farming, and the more I experiment in the kitchen, the more I feel convinced that a plant-based diet feels right.

Frozen bananas + vegan chocolate protein power + almond milk (+ Runner's World)
Frozen bananas + vegan chocolate protein power + almond milk (+ Runner’s World)

However, I want to be gentle to myself. While giving up meat was easy and I’ve never looked back, giving up ice cream is more of a sacrifice. Therefore, I’m aiming for progress not perfection. I know that my individual impact may be small, but the more people that adopt even a part-time vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, the greater the impact on our environment, economies, and global health. I know some vegans would not agree – they feel it is all or nothing – but this is my choice. Again, I’m slowly making changes.

Alright, I’ll step down from my tiny soap box. But, before I go, here are some of the resources that have been part of my journey…

I first read Eating Animals by writer Jonathan Safran Foer in 2013, soon followed by Eat & Run by ultrarunner Scott Jurek. Yes, the one who just set the record for speed hiking the Appalachian Trail. (I hope he writes a book about that, too.)

It’s been important for me to hear from athletes about how they make a plant-based diet work with training. One of my favorite blogs is Knead to Cook. I discovered Vega protein products via her blog and Instagram. For additional recipes, I also love everything Minimalist Baker. Social media has been a great way to explore the vegetarian and vegan community.

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, but please be kind.


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