August 2015

Traveled: On a road trip to Asheville, Atlanta, and Chattanooga before heading back home. I loved our vacation, but being home has been nice, too.

Sent off: Our dear neighbor-friends who moved to Scotland (!!!) for the next few years. We loved our time living across the hall from them and are already noticing their absence.

Read: Daughter of Fortune, This I Believe, Lost Lake

Listened to: A lot of podcasts on our road trip, mostly TED Radio Hour, This American Life, and The Moth. I caught up on several months worth of back episodes.

Watched: Too many episodes of White Collar on Netflix while we were in our last Airbnb. We also made a date night this month to go see Minions.

Ran: Just 57 miles. Between taking the first week off because of low back pain, and slowly building back up, it’s been a low mileage month. I’m gearing up for several upcoming races, though, so September should be exciting!

Taught: Two of my regular in-studio classes. I also subbed three classes for friends, including once at Climb Nulu. My outreach classes with my kiddos started back up this month, too!

Attended: Another Creative Mornings. I just can’t get enough! This month’s topic was Action and Jecorey Arthur spoke on his experiences with composition, performance, curation, and education in the field of music.

Drooled over: This sweet & savory pizza with figs, goat cheese, and honey. I know Nick would never go for it, so I’ll have to have some friends over to try it.

Enjoyed: This article encouraging us to not allow ourselves to be defined by labels, this post on what we should be doing with our Instagram feeds, and this humorous collection of what your breakfast says about you.

Trying to look like a street artist in Chattanooga with free chalk + brick wall space
Trying to look like a street artist in Chattanooga with free chalk + brick wall space



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