Trails in the Mix

When I moved to Louisville, I found the opportunity to take up a little trail running. I knew running on trails would be good for me physically, but I’ve found that I love it on a deeper level as well.


I knew from my time running on crushed limestone paths that a softer surface gives my legs a break from otherwise pounding pavement. I absolutely loved the prairie path I ran on at home, and the canal towpath in Indy that I ran on while at Butler. I longed to find something similar in Louisville…

One thing I loved about those paths is that they are relatively flat and even. While I haven’t found a similar route in Louisville (any local runners want to jump in and educate me?), I have taken the next step into trail running.

We got really lucky when we moved into our apartment. We knew almost nothing about this city, and ended up in a lively part of town…and just a quarter mile from some of the best trails in the metro area. With a little experience under my belt, I ran my first trail race last fall. I had a great time and would love to run it again this year.

While I don’t always meet my goal of running on trails once a week, in the times that I do get out there…

  • I feel “away” from it all, even though I’m still in the heart of a mid-size city. Away from the road, I can’t hear cars go by. When I’m out early in the morning, I might not see another human being the whole run, though I may see a turtle or a squirrel, perfect for when I need some time to myself.
  • I worry less about my pace and distance, and am better to run by how I feel. I would love to get to a point where all my trail runs are relatively metric-free (not easy for someone who loves measuring things in numbers!)
  • It keeps me on my toes! On technical trails, I am challenged by the terrain. Running on these trails requires me to balance on uneven footing, hop over tree roots and large rocks, and take on elevation gain and loss gracefully and gratefully.
  • I feel a connection to God’s creation. In my daily life, how often to I stop to wonder at all that is around me? I am truly amazed to be a little part of this greater world!

You don’t have to take my word for it; here and here are articles on Runner’s World about trail running.

One thought on “Trails in the Mix

  1. LOVE this post. Seriously, everything I feel about running trails. I love how you are away from it all and it makes you appreciate God’s creation, and it challenges you.. literally keeps you on your toes! I didn’t like it at first because it was so foreign to me, but now I really enjoy it!

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