A Game of He Said, She Said

This blog post comes to you from a lazy Friday morning full of pajamas, coffee, and scones. Well, at least my part of this post does. When I saw this game of He Said, She Said on Jen Chooses Joy, I couldn’t resist playing along, and asking Nick to play with me. I’m answering the questions this morning, and I’ll ask Nick to give me his answers before this gets published (now we can hold him accountable to finishing it since you know what day it is!)


1.  What is something your wife always says to you?

He said: “Honey Bear”

I said: Thanks for doing the dishes!

2.  What makes your wife happy?

He said: Long Saturday morning runs.

I said: Snuggling up with my husband and cats.

3.  What makes your wife sad?

He said: Not running.

I said: A running injury.

4.  How does your wife make you laugh?

He said: Making weird faces.

I said: Making all of my dramatic faces!

5.  What was your wife like as a child?

He said: Bookworm.

I said: A bookworm…and a little stubborn.

6.  How old is your wife?

He said: 24

I said: 24

7.  How tall is your wife?

He said: 5’8″

I said: 5’8″

8.  What is her favorite thing to do?

He said: Spending time with kids, especially under-served kids.

I said: To go on long runs with my husband and then eat lunch out.

9.  If your wife became famous, what would it be for?

He said: Blogging about the delicious food she cooks.

I said: I thought I was already famous?

10.  What is your wife really good at?

He said: Anything she has a passion for.

I said: Teaching yoga to kids and allowing them to have fun!

11.  What is your wife not very good at?

He said: Quitting, especially when she is frustrated.

I said: Keeping a cool temper when I get upset.

12.  What does your wife do for a job?

He said: She teaches yoga and is a nanny.

I said: Nanny and teach yoga.

13.  What is your wife’s favorite food?

He said: Ice cream.

I said: Oatmeal with peanut butter & banana….or chocolate.

14.  What makes you proud of your wife?

He said: Her commitment to her faith, family, and friends.

I said: Going to Honduras on humanitarian trips.

15.  If your wife was a tv or movie character, who would she be?

He said: Natalie Teeger from Monk.

I said: I’m curious to know what Nick says because I have no answer!

16.  What do you and your wife do together?

He said: Running, hiking, walking, going to church, going to movies.

I said: We like to run, travel, eat out…

17.  How are you and your wife different?

He said: She is a city girl, I am a small town boy.

I said: Nick is so much more easy going than I am!

18.  How do you know your wife loves you?

He said: She scoops my oatmeal every morning.

I said: I sometimes tell him three times in five minutes, oops! Too much?

19.  What does your wife like most about you?

He said: My long arms, I can reach things on high shelves.

I said: His kindness, to everyone. He treats me better than I deserve sometimes!

20.  Where is your wife’s favorite place to go?

He said: Honduras.

I said: Honduras!


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