The Lady Pad

Although I was on call for work over the holiday weekend, I found out that I would have some time off this week. (A really good deal, as I didn’t get called in over the weekend either.) I decided to head up to Naperville to visit my mom. This came at such a felicitous time, as I’ve been feeling a little homesick lately. (Yes, a 20-something, married woman is allowed to feel homesick for her hometown.)

The last time I visited my mom, in February, we were working on staging her house so that it would be ready to put on the market. It felt a little bittersweet; I’d lived in that house since 8th grade, and on that street since I was born. On Tuesday, when I got off the interstate and started making my way through the city, it felt awkward to bypass the intersection that would have led me home.

Yet, as soon as I got to my mom’s new lady pad, I couldn’t help but feel excited. It’s the perfect size for her to live the good life: less rooms to clean, less driveway to shovel of in the winter, and a service that mows the lawn. And she gets to decorate it however she chooses.


That’s where I came in, again. We unpacked boxes of framed prints and photos, knick knacks, candles, and everything in between, and set to the task of arranging them throughout the house. In just a short time, we made a lot of progress and it’s already feeling very home-y.

There are still somethings we’re not sure where they will go, but I do know that this evening a Pinto Grigio-filled wine glass will go in our hands, and we’ll settle in to enjoy one more mother-daughter evening before I head back to Louisville.


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