June 2015

Adopted: A second cat, Nora. We couldn’t be happier to have her around. In fact, she’s snuggled up on my lap as I write this.

Traveled: Nowhere outside of Kentuckiana, but it was refreshing to stay close to home this month.

Read: In the Lake of the Woods, The Year of Magical Thinking, One Amazing Thing, A Wedding in Haiti, Desert Solitaire

Wrote: Another post for the studio’s blog, this time about what to eat before a yoga practice.

Hiked: The 13.4 mile Siltstone trail at Jefferson Memorial Forest for the second year in a row; we decided long ago to make it an annual tradition.

Ran: 94 miles; this was the first month since February that I was under 100. I went almost a week without running surrounding our epic hike. A tough 6.2 of those miles were the Barnyard Dash 10K.

Celebrated: My father-in-law’s 60th birthday at a small family party. Nick and I also wrapped up a year and a half of marriage.

Watched: Aloha and Tomorrowland on dates with Nick, and Jurassic World with friends on opening day. I don’t think I like dinosaurs as much as I used to!

Taught: Four in-studio classes at 502 Power Yoga. I also had the chance to sub two classes at Climb NuLu, which was a cool experience!

Attended: Another Creative Mornings, this time with the (hilarious) guys from Kentucky For Kentucky. The presented 15 steps to start a revolution; you can watch the presentation here.

Drank: A decent glass of Pinot Grigio at Garage Bar with some friends. I also kept a bottle of La Finca Malbec at home to slowly enjoy.

Enjoyed: This article on fitting yoga into your life, this one on making time for yourself, and this post on what Midwesterners mean when they say salad.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Crashing on the couch with Nora after the Siltstone hike

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