Barnyard Dash 10K

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Exploring around Taylorsville Lake

“I ran a beautiful race and I died a beautiful death.”

That’s what Alexi Pappas said of her 10K performance at the USATF Outdoor Championships this past weekend.

I can relate.

Nick and I ran the Barnyard Dash 10K at Huber’s Orchard & Winery in June. He got a new PR and second place in his age group. I got…a beautiful death. After crossing the finish line, I felt like a failure. I felt frustrated. Then, I picked myself back up and decided to use this race as a learning experience.

With every race, or home or work project, there are always things that we can identify that did or did not go well. Through my experience teaching yoga and receiving feedback, I’m getting more comfortable outlining these things. In this case, I made a four-part list. On the top are the things that went well, on the bottom on the things that did not. On the left are things outside of my control, and on the right are things within my control. (Whew!)

The easy part is generating the feedback, but the challenge is to implement it. Since that race, I’ve taken time to review what occurred and started to prepare better for next time.


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