Two weeks ago, we spontaneously decided to adopt another cat. My friend had shared her photo on Facebook and after reading it, I was in love. Usually I try not to read these profiles from shelters because I am a tender heart and in danger of adopting every child and animal that needs a home. However, I read this one, and I think it was meant to be.

The very next day Nick and I went to meet Nora at her foster home. She is about two years old, just like Catniss. She is as affectionate as any cat I’ve ever met – not that I’ve met a lot of cats. (I never thought I’d get one in the first place, let alone two.) Nick and I knew right away that we wanted to give her a home.

Now, Nora has lived around other cats her whole life and knows how to get along with them. She even gave birth to one litter of kittens. Catniss, on the other hand, I adopted when she was just five weeks old and has been an “only cat” virtually her whole live. On top of that, she is a complete diva.

The first week we kept them separated, and even with first introductions, it was rocky. Catniss kept looking at me like, “Do you know there’s another cat in the house?!” However, I’m happy to report that the two began tentatively playing together yesterday, and today I caught them taking a cat nap on our bed. It looks like Nora gets to stay.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



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