Real Talk

This post is inspired by Graylin Porter and her real talk on Instagram. So often we see – and post – only the highlights of life. I see this habit commonly with yoga teachers and athletes, showing off their crowning achievements. Based on what I see, I’m tempted to think that everyone I follow on social media has a gorgeous and highly successful day to day life.

What I don’t see – or post – are the little missteps or failures. The ones that make us human. Like when I unexpectedly got called into work today and I was still in my pajamas, and in my hurry to get out the door I threw on yesterday’s clothes.

Or when I threw in the towel earlier this week and cancelled our CSA subscription. After several weeks of receiving boxes full of inhumane amounts of salad greens, I gave up. I couldn’t stomach paying money to get pounds of cabbage and yellow squash, vegetables that I just cannot make myself eat. (We had also put a big, fat X next to these on our sign up sheet.)

So let’s be real: today I’m just your average 20-something wearing yesterday’s clothes, drinking a green smoothie but dreaming of doughnuts.

Photo by takeamegabite
Photo by Take a Megabite

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