This past weekend, our little fur ball got sick.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

She woke up alright on Saturday morning, but soon we noticed that she was hiding in our bedroom closet, not eating, and not drinking. This cat is always hungry, so we knew something must be wrong. By the evening, we started to worry that she’d be dehydrated. We ran over to ValuMarket to buy a can of ($6 wild caught) tuna to see if she would have any of the fish or liquid. We tried everything. No luck.

Sunday morning we called up St. Matthews Animal Clinic to see if they could fit us in. They were so nice. The vet found time to examine Catniss and said…she’s fine. No fever, no sign of anything lodged in her belly. And sure enough, we got her home and she wanted some food. By the next day, she was waking us up at 5AM for breakfast and play time. Go figure.

Through all of it, though, I was glad to have Nick. We make a great team. Maybe this was just a warm up for when we have kids some day and they get sick. Hopefully by then Catniss will be on our side, helping to comfort them.

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