Joy Ride

I spent a lot of time in the car this weekend. First, on Saturday, I drove to the outlet mall in Edinburgh, IN to meet up with my friend/college roommate. She’s moving next weekend from Indy to Milwaukee and we wanted to see each other before the distance between us increases. We shopped and had dinner before heading separate ways (for now.)

On Sunday, Nick and I (and Catniss) headed to his parents’ house in southern Indiana. We all went to the annual family gathering hosted at his grandmother’s lake house, where I consumed entirely too much homemade Chex mix and wine. We all always fill up on all the appetizers while dinner is cooking. It was nice getting to see my brother-in-law and his new fiancee; I am very excited to get a sister-in-law!

Monday, we had hoped to go kayaking, but the rain kept us ashore. Instead, we took my in-laws’ golf cart out for a spin around the course next to his parents. Weeee! (Check out the video below.) The rest of the day was spent visiting more with family and savoring the time before going back to work & school.


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