Half Birthday Pie

On your birthday, you get cake. I guess it stands to reason, then, that you can get pie on your half birthday. Let’s face it, pie is just not as popular as cake. It gets overlooked, kind of like half birthdays. It’s a good thing that I’m here to bring half birthdays and pie to the forefront.

Today I turn twenty-four and one half years old. I’m very close to a quarter of a century, which I keep telling Nick deserves a big party, though he seems a little skeptical. Especially when I mentioned venue and live music suggestions.

pie 2

Back to this birthday and this pie. Peanut butter pie, to be exact. What could be better than a pie devoted to one of my dietary staples? I used this vegan recipe, omitting the ganache because I just wanted to eat it already. I had one slice post-run this morning, and another shortly after for lunch. Mmmmm.

I also bought myself a new pair of Nike Pro shorts for running, which I called a half birthday present, when in reality I just happened to go to the store today. The purchase sounded much more legitimate when I attached this label, though.

This afternoon I went to a kick butt yoga class at the studio. I didn’t even know what my core was until now. I actually got caught in a rain storm on the way home on my bike, and it felt amazing. Now, I’m clean and writing this over a Samuel Adams Escape Route, courtesy of my dad. (Thanks, Dad!) Life is good.

pie 1
I was so anxious to taste this, you can still see the frost on the pie glass…

Anyway, I suggest you make this pie for any occasion that you have coming up, or any one that you can quickly invent. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Half Birthday Pie

  1. Happy half birthday! πŸ™‚ I agree no one ever makes a “birthday pie” but pb pie would have to be my favorite. I mean, pb everything right?! I love Nike pro shorts just don’t love the price.. only special occasions, Whitney! I bought myself a new running outfit for finishing up the semester haha.

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