Skin Care in the Kitchen

I was recently complimented on my skin, which for a girl who had terrible acne for almost a decade was both surprising and pleasing. I have no real skin care routine; I simply wash my face with a gentle scrub once a day, and occasionally put on moisturizer when I remember. I honestly believe my true beauty routine comes from my diet.

Over the past few years, I’ve made a greater effort to eat a wide variety of foods so that I receive a wide variety of nutrients. Many of these benefit my skin, as well as my overall health. I believe that it’s a good idea to get a variety of vitamins, including antioxidants that protect cells, and healthy fats, like Omega-3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory.

Grapefruit // I don’t know any better way to eat grapefruit than to just dig in as best you can!

Berries // I like to buy the Sunrise Growers Organic Antioxidant Blend at Costco. I blend them into smoothies, or warm them over waffles.

Flax seeds // Flax seeds must be ground in order to be properly digested and used in the body, so don’t bother with energy bars that leave the seeds whole. I add flax meal to baked goods as an egg substitute (1T flax: 3T water), sprinkle it on my cereal, or blend it into smoothies.

Chia seeds // Again, I like to add these to smoothies. Here’s an overnight chocolate pudding made with chia seeds, and here’s an inventive way to add them to your coffee.

Avocados // I love avocados alone. I love avocados on toast. I love them in guacamole. I love them on tacos. I love avocado hummus. Basically, I am in love with avocados.

Coconut // Many times I use coconut oil in baking. I also have an amazing recipe for coconut peanut butter. Coconut milk or shredded coconut are other good sources of healthy fat. Additionally, I enjoy using coconut oil as an external moisturizer and hair conditioner.

Pumpkin // In the colder months, I’ll bake up some pumpkin bread, but even in the warmer months, we love adding pumpkin puree into our macaroni and cheese.

I could go on and on…red wine, dark chocolate, tomatoes, olive oil, green tea…but essentially, good skin comes from eating from the multitude of delicious, whole foods on our planet.

Happy Earth Day!

By Alisa Burke
By Alisa Burke

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